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Products feedbacks


     VIP To Do Line

"...I am an executive assistant for the CEO of our organization, and without this program I am literally lost..."
Ardesmond Pierce -
Antlanta, GA
"...I'm a big fan of your product. I've tried dozens of approaches to To Do lists over the past 25 years and believe that you've come up with the best interface and workflow that I've seen..."
David Baumann -
Potomac, MD
"...An excellent support really adds to the value of great program!..."
Günther Schäfer -
Frankfurt am Main, DE
"...This software rocks golden. Have been looking for this thingy a long time now. My search is over..."
Tommy Hofton -
Eggedal, Norway
"...First of all, your product is the BEST!!! I use it EVERY DAY, ok, EVER HOUR!!! I love, LOVE it!..."
Laura R Moss -
Bellevue, WA

     VIP Team To Do List

"...I can now easily set up projects for my staff and email all from a single program! I no longer need a separate email program, calendar and project management system to keep all my contacts, projects, tasks and company departments - I can do it all with VIP software. Thanks for making my life easier!..."
Kim Haas -
New Baden, IL
"...I have a purchased copy of VIP Team To Do List. Has to be one of the best products I have ever purchased. Well worth it...."
Christopher Jones -
Arundel, AU
"...VIP Team To Do List software has transformed the way I work. I do fundraising for a large nonprofit organization. I routinely juggle many projects simultaneously, most of which span 5-12 months and involve many volunteers, staff, and committees with numerous details to coordinate and follow through on. Not only has the software allowed me to stay on top of tasks, it has greatly enhanced my ability to plan ahead (in great detail) and made it simple to generate reports about progress and accomplishments. The software is very flexible and reliable. Only once have I needed technical support, and the folks at VIP Quality Software solved my issue immediately..."
Dale Preston -
Oberlin, OH
"...VIP Team To Do List is the best one that I have tried and I have tried a lot...."
Roger Marion -
Calgary, Canada

     VIP Organizer

"... I have been using VIP Organizer for 2 years and find it to be the best software available for managing my task list. It is highly effective, user friendly and priced competitively...."
Ellis L. Marples, -
Stockholm, NJ
"...I've tried all three VIP products and am very impressed with their excellent quality and your exceptional support (you responded to my email questions promptly and helpfully). I've decided upon VIP Organizer, which fits my needs exactly and it is far superior to any other product on the market, whether web-based or stand-alone. In my opinion, you have met the challenge of making a perfect organizer..."
Gerald R. Williams -
Provo, UT
"...I have now been using VIP Organizer for one week and it has changed the way I manage, prioritise and complete business tasks. It's simple to use friendly interface has dramatically improved my productivity and enabled me to focus on the most important business tasks. I have been trying to find an application for some time that would help me organize my day. I can highly recommend VIP Organizer to anyone seeking to take control of their business day and make a big difference in the way the manage their work..."
Chris Moxey -
Croydon Hills, Australia
"...VIP Organiser is among my arsenal of "must have" software. The first application I start in the morning and the last one I turn off at night...."
John Moylan -
London, UK
"...What is particularly interesting to me is that it was the ability of attaching notes to tasks and the ability to form groups that led me to chose ACT! So now I am seeing that VIP Organizer also allows those functions as well. While I definitely have a need to track my contact relationships, a feature that makes ACT! shine I also have a number of projects that are far more task oriented that can readily be handled by VIP Organizer. Just wanted you to know I appreciate your product and your support documentation made available to show us how to fully use it...."
Walt Weintz -
Capitola, CA
"...I really love VIP organizer. This software has changed my life. It has allowed me to fully manage my goals, and priorities in ways I never would have before. I can manage goals in all areas of my life, and look at them based on priority, due date, and category of my life. Plus, I can set up all types of customized filters to sort my goals by anything I want. I'd highly recommend this software to anyone who needs help managing their priorities and uses their computer frequently...."
Bonnie -
Philadelphia, PA
"...I've been looking for something like VIP-Organizer for all my computing life, believe me I've looked at just about every type of package, from Windows Project thro to making up my own Excel spreadsheets and databases. VIP-Organizer takes little more than an hour or so to get to grips with and it is simple - to me that's its greatest virtue - it simply does what you want without baffling the user - I'm now a big fan - Well done!!..."
Ian Scott -
Liverpool UK

     VIP Simple To Do List

"...This is an excellent program. I'm so glad that I stumbled on to this when researching for task management programs. Very low learning curv, quite flexible, and the price is right. Tried at least 20 other programs, either too complicated, too expensive, or poor documentation..."
Chad Lindsey -
Honolulu, HI
"...I have recently become really passionate about managing daily tasks that are not re-occurring. I feel Microsoft Office does a fine job helping user manage their appointments and meetings; however their "tasks" module is lacking in every way. I found your SimpleToDoList software to be very user friendly and simple to use. I use the software every day and have spread the word to others I think would find it useful..."
Matthew Logering -
Minneapolis, MN

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