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For managers interview Checklist


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For managers interview  Checklist

This interview checklist is designed for employers who want to hire a new employee and want to conduct interviews with candidates. You can follow this checklist in order to get prepared for the interview in terms of its purpose, ethics, format and other important aspects. This checklist template gives tips, recommendations and samples, covering different aspects, being a complete guide for employers who would like to organize this event in the best manner.

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Preparation :

  • Basically your strategies should be focused on clarifying if a person is :
    • Enthusiasticif he/she has a positive attitude and healthy ambitions, if he/she is inspired by job opportunity, has positive vision of the future, is ready “to fight”, solve ongoing issues, to learn and improve own level.
    • Determined if candidate actually can do the job , and if he/she really wants to get this job .
    • Sociableif a person has appropriate level of psychological flexibility and openness to join the team easily and not to create conflicts all the time. Actually this means if a person is honest, polite, co-operative and hardworking enough.
    • Informedif a person knows about the company, industry and what is expected from him/her to occupy the offered vacancy.
  • Check if your schedule isn’t too tight and overloaded (if you have several candidates during a day).

When planning schedule, make certain time lags between interviews, because interviews shouldn’t be too limited in time, as well as candidates shouldn’t be offended with long waiting for their turn.

  • Decide on all the essential things you need to clarify during the interview .

Think of the skills, qualities and other specifics making candidate’s success.

  • Get clear on methods and format (if you are going to give some brief practical test etc).

If you are going to give some practicalon - site examinations to candidate, necessarily inform the candidate about this in personal invitation .

  • In order to understand candidate’s backgrounds you may prepare open-ended questions .

Example: could you please describe your strengths and weaknesses?

  • In order to get the vision of essential practical and technical skills you may use closed questions.

Example: how long you have been practicing C++ programming?

  • Record all questions you want to ask.

You may prepare checklist form where you can outline candidate’s success criteria , so while interviewing you can make appropriate marks.

  • Prepare to make notes on candidate’s answers .
  • Make the candidate know if some references will be appreciated (business references from previous supervisors, colleagues, clients etc).
  • Check the laws of your state/territory for the questions considered as illegal.

Laws may set restrictions on some direct questions regarding age, nationality, race, diseases, sex, religion etc. Of course, also do not forget about natural etiquette .

  • Prepare appropriate environment for the interviewee .

Ensure privacy, comfort, silence and no interruptions.

  • If possible, beforehand subject the candidate to psychometric test or graphology, and discuss the results with the interviewee.
  • Prepare detailed information source about the candidate (CV/resume/application form).
  • Prepare detailed job description, including the operations and working conditions , like hours, special policies or procedures etc.

During the interview:

  • Stand up, clearly introduce yourself to candidate, shake hands, and offer a seat.
  • Begin the conversation with a brief introduction .

Explain clearly and concisely the general details of the organization and the role which candidate pretends to get .

  • First of all perceive the candidate as a person, not as the skill set.

Be polite, open and honest with the job-seeker, explain him/her what to expect in the hiring process , do not concentrate attention at money questions.

  • Try to make the atmosphere more casual (not too official).

Conducting the conversation in a friendlier manner may help;this is supposed to reduce the stress for interviewee.

  • Use CV/resume/application form to be guided through the interview, clarifying any unclear points.
  • Keep the conversation job-related , meaningful , clear, understood and objective.

Remember that one of the main skills is the ability to drive the conversation correctly. If the conversation loses the subject or candidate’s answers are too loose, you need gently get the dialog back on the track.

  • Inquire about candidate’s education/training .
  • Inquire about candidate’s work history .
  • Inquire about candidate’s attitudes toward work, people, supervision, working conditions, professional goals etc.
  • Inquire about candidate’s motivation and self-evaluation .
  • Inquire about candidate’s normal reaction to specific or usual on-the-job situations .

For example: Preassure , peak workloads , captious supervision etc.

  • Do not subject the candidate to severe interrogation, trying to baffle him/her with difficult or provocative questions.

High pressure rarely discloses hidden issues , but calm, gentle and clever questions do.

  • Communicate your expectations to the candidate.

This may include career advancement, trainings , duties, experience required , direction the department and company currently go to .

  • Make sure that you and the candidate have concluded on common ground.
  • Ask the candidate if he/she has any questions.
  • If you are satisfied with the candidate’s answers and you are interested in this person, let him/her know this.
  • Communicate the next steps to the candidate (follow up).
  • Finalize the report .

Typical questions :

  • Could you please describe your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What your qualities (skills, qualifications, characteristics) make you different from other candidates ?
  • Which best qualities your colleagues and friends would characterize you with ?
  • Why we should hire you?
  • Why do you want to work in our organization ?
  • What do you know about our organization ? ...
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