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Marriage proposal checklist


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Marriage proposal checklist This marriage proposal checklist explains what you need to prepare in order of planning an ideal engagement proposal. This is a very significant and exciting moment in a life of every couple, as it finalizes earlier periods of relationships and drives them to a new stage leading to actual wedding. This checklist is a step-by-step list of recommendations giving you an advice on selecting engagement ring, composing proposal speech, etc.

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Marriage proposal ideas:

  • We can summarize the rules as the following: this event should be intimate, well-prepared, quite surprising, but yet expected. In other words it should be done at a right place and at a right moment.
  • Select an ideal Engagement Ring: The most classic one among possible gifts is a beautiful engagement ring which is a doubtless symbol of the forthcoming alliance. Study jewelry taste of your darling (secretly get a sense of what she prefer) to know what kind of ring she would adore. Consult with your jeweler and decide on a secure place to stash the ring until the proposal day.
  • Prepare an ideal Speech: It is very important to compose a beautiful phrase which expresses your true feelings. It would be really nice to come out of pattern phrase “Will you marry me?” – instead of it you need to invent something that summarizes your shared experience. For example you may say something like: “We’ve already had an amazing journey together, and you are the best companion I could ever dream of, and now I hope we are ready to continue our journey with the next step, so… will you do me the honour of marrying me?”.
  • Select an ideal Style: There are different methods suited to every fancy, including classic face-to-face proposal with getting down on one knee, writing and sending romantic letters which refer to old good traditions, surprising your sweetheart with playing her self-composed songs, declaiming poems in a peaceful garden illuminated with moonlight, or anything else like this suiting temper of your future fiancée. Anyway the more surprising it will be, and the more of your own creativity is contributed, the more pleasure she will experience.
  • Find an ideal Place: There is a wealth of good places where you can make your proposal, but anyhow it needs to be some beautiful and romantic place, or at least a place which emotionalizes you both in a very positive manner. For example you can take your sweetheart to some amazing trip to another city or county, get a great mood from new positive impressions and luxury lodging, and there you can find a good moment to come up with your proposal.
  • Create an ideal Mood: It is very important to arrange a proper atmosphere before making a proposal, for example you may slowly dance with her to a melodious music (it could be her favourite song or a music that you had been dancing when you kissed for the first time) in a room illuminated with candlelight, then you may ask her to sit down on a chair, and can begin your speech. After the proposal is accepted you need to have a quiet romantic celebration with good wine or champagne, delicacy, personal presents and intimate conversation to share and experience this great emotional moment.

Mistakes to avoid:

  • In order to minimize probability of fail and to make this personal event really pleasant for both parties you should avoid the “most popular mistakes” such as described in the following points.
  • Making proposal empty-handed. Don’t ask her without proper present legitimating the proposal. It is very important to provide your woman with a symbolic thing confirming your earnest intention. Empty-handed proposal seems counter-romantic and vague.
  • Proposing in front of the public. In spite of what is shown in romantic films, surveys show that the most of women don’t like idea of accepting marriage proposal before their friends, family or other people, as publicity may lead to confusion that surely is not what they are seeking for in such a critical and intimate moment.
  • Proposing too early. Sometimes men jump the gun with making the marriage proposal, while their girlfriends are not completely ready to answer their passionate impulse. You should be sure that your relations are stable and proven enough, and marriage is what both of you are seeking for as the next step of their development.
  • Wrong moment. Sometimes it is just not the right time to hurry up with proposal. She has to be in a proper mood and condition, so that she can perceive your proposal properly. It is obvious that you shouldn’t attempt when she is too busy, tired, upset, ill, tipsy, etc.
  • Blabbing out your plans. Do not tell too many of your friends about your plans. Even if no one of them can spill the beans, your beloved women can feel that something is not the same as usual, so the surprise can be spoiled, and also she can get know about your indiscretion later, so she will be surely offended by the fact that she was the last person who was informed. 

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