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Training Plan Checklist


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Training Plan Checklist The Training Plan Checklist is designed to help managers and supervisors to develop this document. It provides a step-by-step approach to planning and conducting a successful program of employee training.

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 Set Goals.

Your first step in developing an example is to define the major goal of training activities. For example, you may want to conduct initial training for new employees, provide refresher training for existing employees, or retrain all staff in your company. You should set the goal in advance. Here are several examples of goals:

  • Improve employee performance
  • Prepare employees for newly developed or modified jobs
  • Implement employee safety practices
  • Prepare employees for promotion
  • Improve employee attitudes about waste and spoilage practices
  • Break production bottlenecks by optimizing consumption of materials
  • Orient new employees and teach them about over-all operation

 Determine Scope.

Once you have set the goal for your document, you need to determine the scope of your training plan, or matrix which shows what your employees need to learn in order to meet the goal. Use the following tips to determine the scope in terms of employee duties, responsibilities and attitudes:

  • Break jobs of employees down into steps for training purposes
  • Define standards of quality to be followed by employees
  • Determine certain skills and techniques to be learned by employees
  • Identify if there is a need for teaching employees about hazards and safety practices
  • Determine the best ways for employees to operate equipment and machines
  • Set performance standards to be met by employees
  • Identify if there is a need for improvement or modification of employee attitude

 Choose Training Type.

Choosing a type of training is a critical step that determines the balance of your training plan, so you need to carefully examine advantages of one or another type and then make a decision, considering the goal of the plan. Review and select one of the following types of employee training:

  • Scheduled on-job training that lets your employees do their jobs while they learn
  • Classroom training with a paid instructor (aka "employee training courses")
  • A combination of scheduled on-job training and classroom training with an instruction

 Select Method of Training Instruction.

Often a combination of training instruction methods is used to instruct employees in training. Lectures, demonstrations, meetings are examples of training instruction methods. Answer the next questions to select a method:

  • Does the scope of your training plan require a series of lectures?
  • Do you want instructors, who will train your employees, to hold discussion sessions and meetings?
  • Does the scope of the proposal require demonstrations and presentations during training sessions?
  • Can trainers simulate operating problems in a classroom?
  • Can trainers direct employees while they perform their job?

 Prepare Physical Facilities Required for Training.

The chosen type of training and the selected method of training instruction will determine the physical facilities required for organizing training of your employees. The necessary physical facilities will determine the location of training sessions. In this connection, you need to focus on choosing premises that are equipped with tools required for conducting training sessions. Consider the next evaluation items when choosing premises:

  • Instructors have all necessary tools (blackboard, lectern, film projector, microphone, etc.) to conduct employee training sessions
  • All classrooms have sufficient seating and writing surfaces for employees and trainers
  • Equipment to be used for demonstrations and presentations is available
  • All classrooms are isolated from noise, smells and other distracting factors, so employees are able to concentrate on the learning process and attentively listen to what their instructors say.


Now you need to set the length of your training plan and define the duration of implementation activities. You can create a calendar and schedule training sessions. Instructors and employees will use this calendar to plan lessons and create daily training timetables. When creating your calendar template, consider the following factors:

  • Training can be conducted either during working hours or after working hours
  • Instructors need to train employees within a predetermined period of time
  • The length of each training session as well as the number of sessions per week can be established

 Select Instructors.

This item in the plan structure considerably defines the success of your effort to train employees. A qualified instructor can achieve good results even with limited resources, so your primary task is to find a person(s) who can train your employees. Consider the following candidates:

  • You. Maybe you could be an instructor. Do you have required qualification?
  • Your personnel manager if that person has time and the ability to train people.
  • Your supervisors or department heads who have reviewed your presentation.
  • Skilled employees who can be trained to become an instructor and make an analysis.
  • A qualified outside instructor available for employment on a part-time basis.


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