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"...I can now easily set up projects for my staff and email all from a single program! I no longer need a separate email program, calendar and project management system to keep all my contacts, projects, tasks and company departments - I can do it all with VIP software. Thanks for making my life easier!..."
Kim Haas -
New Baden, IL


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Version History

Version 2.9
  • Added: TLS (SSL) mode for sending emails
  • Added: Setting port FTP

  • Improved: Category and Due Date in the subject of Email Reminder

  • Fixed: [Recurrence] Application postponed the first carrying out the task to the second week if the start date task is a day before "First Monday"
  • Fixed: [Recurrence] Application skipped months with no date for "Thursday" if the settings are "occur task every first week of every month on Thursday"
  • Fixed: [Recurrence] Application didn't allow setting tasks that recur every two weeks
  • Fixed: [Filters Bar] Application didn't save checked option "Show task with empty date" after creating a new filter
  • Fixed: [Print Preview] It was impossible to save created styles in print preview
  • Fixed: [Task View] Focus jumped after deleting or checking off the task from the end of the task's list

Version 2.7

  • Added: Windows Vista capability
  • Added: Global hot keys settings
  • Improved: Minimization to tray and task bar
  • Improved: 'Enter' saves changes and closes Edit Task window
  • Improved: Up to 30 preset filters without scrolling
  • Improved: Saving Reminder settings for new tasks

Version 2.5

  • Added: New filters panel for task filtration by any column and their combination
  • Added: Possibility to copy/paste tasks
  • Added: Possibility to duplicate tasks
  • Improved: Setting filter on any category and sub-category by double-click
  • Improved: Setting filter by 'parent' category only
  • Improved: Copying the database file while application is open
  • Improved: Changing status of a selected group of tasks
  • Improved: Saving expanded categories from the previous launch

Version 2.4

  • Added full-featured RTF editor for creating and editing Task Notes
  • Enhanced Tasks Reoccurrence System
  • Added new fields for better planning and tracking tasks:
    • Estimate time
    • Actual time
  • Added MS Office 2003 GUI Style
  • Improved Filtration System
  • Added Filter History List
  • Added Category Tree Printing and Export
  • Added new columns to Categories Bar
    • Number of All Tasks
    • Number of Undone Tasks

Version 2.0

  • Text search engine.
  • Settings of recurring tasks.
  • Reminder settings for a period before definite time.
  • Filter by time periods (today, yesterday, tomorrow, this week, last week, next week, this month, etc.).
  • Columns Layout.
  • Settings Look&Feel (Windows XP style interface).
  • Added new column "Information Signs"
  • Added Senders information in e-mail notification settings.
  • Improved productivity of working with big size to do lists.
  • Assigning of resources from Resource Assignment Bar by 'drag&drop' method
  • Added Context Menu to Resource Assignment Bar
  • Added new column "Department" in resource description

Version 1.5

  • Support for multiple database files.
  • Tree-type category structure.
  • Floating panels added.
  • Expanded set of priorities.
  • Static date fields added (Created, Completed, Modified, Fulfillment Start).
  • Added the field for link to a file or a web URL.
  • Possibility to send notifications and task reminders via E-mail.
  • Possibility to adjust a display of completed tasks.
  • Send information about tasks by E-Mail.
  • Resource list.
  • Assigning resources to a task.
  • The wizard for publishing individual or team to-do lists on FTP.
  • Export Task List to XML, MS Excel, HTML, Text.
  • Import/Export Task List to format CSV.
  • Password Protection your database.
  • Flexible possibility of installations for reminders.
  • Insert new tasks to use clipboard (outline).
  • Management of task position.
  • %Complete field to tasks properties.
  • An ability to backup and restore your database.
  • Assignment of random order for a list of categories, including sorting in an alphabetical order.
  • Fast and easy-to-use filter managing by fields "Due Date" and "Done".
  • Fast change of category for a task group.


  • Easy to use and intuitionally understandable interface.
  • Unique tabular arboraceous system for a visualization of your task list.
  • Extended possibilities for printing, your task list can be printed out in a clear and comfortable style.
  • There is a possibility to set up an alarm for each task.
  • Flexible resources for an installation of a user-friendly interface.
  • Minimizes itself to the area near the system clock of Windows.
  • There is a possibility to start the programme automatically when the operating system starts.
  • There is a possibility to execute all the actions with the help of key shortcuts.
  • Installation and deletion of the programme.


  • Unique possibility for multi-level grouping of tasks.
  • Each task can have itís own due date, date and time for a reminder (with a sound alarm), priority, category and a long description.
  • Any task can be marked as done.
  • Flexible possibility of installations for reminders.
  • Reminders about birthdays, events, holidays.
  • System of sorting and filtration.
  • Organization of tasks by categories, priority, status.
  • There is a possibility to mark and hide tasks that are done.
  • There is a possibility for fast filtration of tasks by categories.
  • Creation or adjusting of categories can be done easily and fast.



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